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Our Mission

Nano-tech, slow-release fertilizers that increase crop yield and reduce run-off as an ecofriendly alternative to conventional fertilizer products.

Higher Crop Growth

The UN predicts the world population will hit 8.5 Billion by 2030. To feed these people we need higher crop production. Our fertilizer has shown an average of 56% higher yield over conventional fertilizers.

Lower Enviromental Impact

Government agencies, drinking water facilities and individual Americans spend at least $4.3 billion annually because of conventional fertilizers run-off. Our fertilizer reduces this nutrient run-off by 60% and it is more environmentally benign.

Slow-release, small amount required

Our fertilizers release slowly as per the requirement of plant’s growth stage and require far less (45-62%) than conventional fertilizers.


Our premium fertilizers based on years of research and testing

Targeted to Nutrient Needs

We can help provide a fertilizer best suited for your personal plant needs.

Slow Release

Our fertilizers will help provide your plants with nutrients throughout their lifecyle releasing at the right amounts at the right time.

High uptake

With uptake 50% higher than conventional fertilizers, smart fertilizers help you feed the plant rather than run off.

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An interdisiplinary team

Ramesh Raliya WashU Researcher

Ramesh Raliya

Pratim Biswas WashU Researcher

Pratim Biswas

Stl Entrepreneur

Jeff Melly

Washington University in St. Louis Student

Samuel Margolis

Business Development Intern

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